Download of Software Applications: Freeware, Shareware and  Trials.

In this rubric we publish sporadic software applications and tools as freeware or as trials with limited usage time. It may be downloaded and used for free. The focus is especially on vending applications, but also for other  purposes.

Note: BonusData AG would appreciate any feed back on usage and experiences with this products. We will seriously consider your successions to improve our products or for new software designs. Please send your suggestions to the Team of BonusData AG.

Note: BonusData AG is not liable for any damages including any general, special, incidental damages arising out of the use or inability to use.

Please read also the general terms and conditions of BonusData AG.

Bitte lesen Sie auch die algemeinen Lizenz-, Garantie- und Haftungsbestimmungen.

icon_analyzer.bmp (630 bytes) Serial Data Analyzer for vending machine protocols. (Licence, USB to MDB interface required.)
icon_sendsms.jpg (1102 bytes) SendSMS - Ein Tool zum senden von SMS mit einem GSM-Modem. (Freeware)
Roman.bmp (3126 bytes) Calculator for number conversion from Roman to Decimal and reverse. (Freeware, Just for Fun!)
ViewData.bmp (3126 bytes) ViewData, a tool to view EVA-DTS files according specification 5.0 (Freeware)
icon_evadts.jpg (1102 bytes) Read EVA-DTS data files out of your devices by DDCMP protocol. (Freeware)
icon_dexucs.jpg (1102 bytes)

Read EVA-DTS data files out of your devices by DEX/UCS protocol. (Freeware)

Auslesen von EVA-DTS Daten mit dem DEX-Protokoll. (Freeware)

GetTime.bmp (3126 bytes) Syncronize your computer clock with a SNTP  time server of the internet. (30 day trial)
MDBMaster.gif (1060 bytes) Vending machine simulation with the MDB protocol on a computer with Microsoft Windows 95/98/SE/ME. (30 day trial)
Executive.gif (1059 bytes) Vending machine simulation with the Executive protocol on a computer with Microsoft Windows. (30 day trial)
icon_cuecards.bmp (630 bytes) CUECards, a clever small solution to manage your documents. (Freeware)
mineflag.gif (1184 bytes) Peter's enhanced Mine-Sweeper. (Freeware)

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