Analyzer for Serial Vending Machine Protocols.

Download page for Analyzer II device (BD-4000/2).


New product preview of an Analyzer for Serial Vending Machine Protocols and other serial protocols connected to the USB port. It's actually the first low cost Serial Data Analyzer with very accurate timing measurement features introduced to the public.

You will not belief it, but there are still developers of vending machine controller boards, implementing MDB and other applications without having any idea of the serial data communication timing. Just do it by try it. This product is a must for all developers of serial data communication, not having already a sophisticated serial data analyzer.

Product features:

There are quite a few simple Serial Protocol Analyzer on the market today. But as time passes by, new disadvantages are coming up:

Features of Analyzer:

Connects to the USB port of a PC or Notebook.

Recording of MDB, Executive, BDV and any RS-232 serial data.

Baudrates from 50 Baud to 56 kBaud.

Timestamp for each data byte with 50/100 uSec. resolution.

3 different views to present recorded data.

Byte pattern search function.

Byte pattern trigger function.

Inter character and response timing search function.

Easy time measurements with your mouse.

Designed for simple usage with a Notebook in the field.

MDB command interpretation comment in list view.

Product philosophy:

Free Serial Data Analyzer Software, available to anyone, to view and interpret recorded data. To record serial data communication, a Serial Data Analyzer Interface with a One Time License is required. The Serial Data Analyzer Software and it's recorded data files may be freely distributed to anyone. Just download the Serial Data Analyzer Software right here together with some sample files to see the power behind this very important tool.

     Version 2.00 is now available!

Three Different views for recorded data:

hex_view_tn.jpg (10367 bytes)

Hexadecimal view

ascii_view_tn.jpg (9364 bytes)

ASCII view

list_view_tn.jpg (5898 bytes)

List view

Available adapter cables:

Analyzer Package Contents:

The complete analyzer set, shipped as part # BD-4000-S includes:

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