Liquidation of stock items

Here we offer some stock for sale on prices you can offer. Please send your purchase offer to

The products are absolute new and never been used. In original package of the manufacturer.

We will not sell below a certain minimum price. But we sell to the best offer.

Following items are on liquidation: As long as stock last...

Item description: Quantity: Notes:
Universal Speaker Monacor SP-6/4, Order # 10.3520 800+ Minimum Price SFR. 0.50
Schaffner - General purpose line filter, Order # FN2010 200+ Minimum Price SFR. 2.00
Saia-Burges - Linear stepper motor, Order # UCL13 20+ Minimum Price SFR. 2.50
Controller for linear stepper motor, Osder # 7-1-2 20+ Minimum Price SFR. 1.00

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