SPS2MDB The interface to connect MDB peripherals to a PLC.

The SPS2MDB interface allows to connect a Changegiver, Bill Validators and Debit or Credit Card Reader to a PLC.

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SPS2MDB Interface BD-4500

Technical Specification Manual as *.PDF file.

MDB connection cabe BD-4501 as *.PDF file.

Monitor connection cable BD-4502 as *.PDF file.

Enclosure and Dimensions as *.PDF file.

Setup parameter list as *.PDF file.


Where the SPS2MDB is suited for:

SPS2MDB software.

Download current SPS2MDB V01.29 software version.

Download SPS2MDB tool to test the serial commands.

Additional informations:

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Terms and abbreviations:

SPS = (German) Speicherprogrammierbare Steuerungen.

PLC = (English) Programmable Logical Controller.

MDB = (English) Multi Drop Bus for Vending Machines.

SPS2MDB = SPS to MDB Interface to connect Coin Acceptors, Card Reader and Bill Validators to a SPS/PLC.

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